Dunkle Weinflasche mit Hofbauer-Schmidt Etikette
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Familie Hofbauer-Schmidt mit Weingläsern bei Tisch

About Us

Petra, Leopold and Johannes Junior are three people, who work, decide and laugh together.

Their shared passion is committed to the vineyard, the leading variety “Grüner Vetliner“ and the indigenous rare variety „Roter Veltliner“. The result is pure joy, which you can see and especially taste. On the 25 ha wide vineyards they produce from vintage to vintage high quality wines in the categories “slight and fruity“, “classic“, “single-vineyard“ and “reserve“. Respectfully handling the nature, the family trusts in integrated viticulture.

Family philosophy means, taking the best of home and present it to the rest of the world. Their advantage is the perfect mixture of generations, experiences on the one hand and unweathered young ideas on the other.

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